2 for $100 - Promotional Campaign

One Sport has launched a promotional campaign to spread the word about our squash racquet company. Using three of our most popular squash racquets, we have created a custom limited edition series of racquets for this promotion called the TIGER SERIES. This promotion provides you with (2) racquets for $100.

One Sport squash racquets regularly sell in some of the most prestigious Squash Clubs & Pro Shops around the country for between $159 and $200. So, receiving (2) racquets for $100 is a complete steal... at these prices we really are just giving them away!

You may wonder why we are doing this. Simply put, we are a small company without a large advertising budget; therefore, we launched this promotional campaign as a way of getting our high performance squash racquets into the hands of more players. If you are a new customer and have never played with a One Sport squash racquet, we hope that this extremely low price gives you the incentive to give us a try.

* GREEN TIGER is a squash racquet with Weight 135g and Balance 360mm.

* BLUE TIGER is a squash racquet with Weight 140g and Balance 350mm.

* PURPLE TIGER is a squash racquet with Weight 145g and Balance 375mm.