About Us


One Sport is a squash racquet company, which focuses on making the best quality, highest performing squash racquets and athletic apparel available in today’s marketplace.  We are fully committed to providing unparalleled customer service, the lowest prices and the finest custom designs.  One Sport squash racquets consistently receive high praise from professionals and amateurs alike for their performance and design.  We view our racquets as works of art and take great pride in our work.  One Sport squash racquets and athletic apparel will make you look and feel your best.  Superior fit, classic design and comfort are key elements to our effortless style.  Our goal is simple: make great racquets and athletic apparel at affordable prices, and take care of our customers!


As squash players we became frustrated by the high prices of squash racquets and apparel.  We also felt there was a lack of quality, choice and customer service in the marketplace.  After hearing similar frustration from other players around the country we set out to fill a need in this market.  Additionally, we took note of the growing demand for all things customized.  As result, custom racquets and athletic apparel soon become a corner stone of what has become One Sport.  One Sport provides squash players at all levels the opportunity to possess unique products that express their ideas, values, style and culture.


One Sport squash racquets are high quality, lightweight, precision racquets.  Since the initial rollout of our Patriot Series squash racquets, One Sport has evolved into a full collection of custom squash racquets and athletic apparel.  We are meticulous when it comes to design and quality.  All One Sport squash racquets and athletic apparel can be customized for your club, school, organization or event.


Michael Puertas is a founder of One Sport, LLC. Mr. Puertas is the Athletic Director at The Racquet Club in St. Louis, President of the St. Louis Squash Racquets Association and head coach of the Washington University squash team. As a professional squash player, he reached a U.S. National Ranking of #1 and a World Ranking of #30. As a coach, his players consistently excel on the national stage. Most notably, he coached Natalie Grainger to a #1 World Ranking. Mr. Puertas was born in Plymouth, England. He is now a U.S. citizen and has called St. Louis home since 1996.