(1) BLUE TIGER & (1) GREEN TIGER for $100

$ 100.00

Effective May 1, 2019 UPDATE to "RETURNS / REFUNDS POLICY":

There are very limited quantities of racquets left in stock and once they are sold out, One Sport does not have plans to order new racquets.  Therefore, as of May 1, 2019 One Sport will not be accepting ANY returns, refunds or replacement of new or defective racquets.  

One Sport has launched a promotional campaign to spread the word about our squash racquet company.  We have created a custom limited edition series of racquets for this promotion called the TIGER SERIES.  This promotion provides you with (2) racquets for $100.

One Sport squash racquets regularly sell in some of the most prestigious Squash Clubs & Pro Shops around the country for between $159 and $200.  So, receiving (2) racquets for $100 is a complete steal... at these prices we really are just giving them away!

You may wonder why we are doing this.  Simply put, we are a small company without a large advertising budget; therefore, we launched this promotional campaign as a way of getting our high performance squash racquets into the hands of more players.  If you are a new customer and have never played with a One Sport squash racquet, we hope that this extremely low price gives you the incentive to give us a try.

* BLUE TIGER is a squash racquet with Weight 140g and Balance 350mm.

* GREEN TIGER is a squash racquet with Weight 135g and Balance 360mm.

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